IEEE 5G Summit RLNC Demos

IEEE 5G Summit RLNC Demos

September 19, 2017

The IEEE 5G Summit Dresden was a great success for Code On and our partner Steinwurf. Special thanks must go to everyone at 5G Lab for making the event run so smoothly.

RLNC was used in no less than 4 Demos at Dresden, showcasing its use for multicast, multipath, multi-hop and distributed storage solutions.

Our own multicast demo for wireless dissemination had a number of elements, starting with an Android phone which we had affixed to a car from the now famous 5G Labs and Nokia connected cars demo. The camera of the phone was used to capture live video from the viewpoint of the cars, or what we like to call formula 5G.

An application on the phone used Steinwurf’s Score protocol to code the live video feed using RLNC, and then multicast the live video stream to a number of devices, each loaded with an application able to decode the live video for synchronised viewing.

We used about 15 Huawei and Nvidia Android tablets to display the live video to visitors, and spiced up the demo even more with the use of some Epson AR glasses.

By loading the same application which we used on the tablets onto some Epson Moverio BT-300 glasses, we were able to pick up the same live stream as displayed on the tablets onto the small screens on the AR glasses, so visitors who wore the glasses could get a first person view of what the driver of a car might see. The experience was so immersive that a few visitors were very sad to let someone else try them on, perhaps wishing that their own industrial training used such equipment!

Of course the end result was a great looking demo which started off a number of interesting conversations about RLNC with the likes of Deutsche Telekom, Nokia, Bosch and many more institutions.

If you missed us in Dresden then stay tuned to find out where we’ll be showcasing our RLNC solutions next and reach out to learn how we can help you utilize RLNC in your project/product.